Queen Bamboo bed sheet

Queen Bamboo bed sheet Has it ever occurred to you how kings and queens sleep in their nests behind their vast bedroom doors and beside their gold coated lamps? Are you tired of lying on a bed that is covered with sheets which resemble dried banana leaves? Look no further for our company provides quality bamboo sheets for you to wrap yourself in layers and layers of royal love. This is a grand chance for you to edge closer to Solomon’s sound nights.

Here is an insight of what sheets we provide:

  • Queen Bamboo bed sheet
  • King Bamboo bed sheet
  • Cal-King Bamboo bed sheet

Queen Bamboo bed sheet.

This particular type of sheet comes with several features which distinguish it from the rest. They are also available in different sizes for our customers. This makes it convenient for any type of bed one may be possessing in their homes. Here are the features of this type of bamboo sheets:

  • Feel or texture

These sheets have a naturally soft feel which you encounter upon spreading them onto your own bed. Queen Bamboo bed sheets contain a tenderness which is a common feature that cuts across all the bamboo sheets.

  • Temperature regulators.

They correspond well to temperature changes by keeping you warm in cold weather conditions and in the other end keeping you cool in hotter weather conditions.

  • Hypoallergenic

These sheets are very applicable to those with soft skin which can easily be subjected to irritation. A frequent user will learn to trust them in a quick 24 hour period.

These bamboo bed sheets can last for a considerably long time far from tear and be wearing out.

  • Well fitted

They can be washed several times without shrinking and will fully occupy the bed they were first laid on without any issue.

  • Washed by machine.

As a purchaser, worry less about whether a washing machine can do an effective cleaning task for you. These sheets are capable of emerging out of it with a sparkling effect that could blind your eyes.

  • Warrant

A warrant for the sheet can be issued through these sheets are hardly known to carry defects. More so, they are first checked out to be certain that they are done to perfection.

  • Bamboo Viscose

One of the key components of having suitable bamboo sheets is determined by the content extent of Viscose from bamboo. Better bamboo sheets are fully backed by it.

These sheets are normally packed in one set that comprises of a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. A potential buyer can choose the color he or she finds charming and the size that suits their bed. The details are always displayed on the package to clearly note what you have purchased and changes could be made if one finds that they have obtained the wrong ones.

For more information on the products we provide, you can contact us and we will give you a layout of what you are in search of to help with your memorable sheets.

King Size Bamboo Bed Sheets

King Size Bamboo Bed Sheets These bed sheets come with a certain greatness that can’t be compared to others. King size sheets dimensions are 110”x 108” for flat sheets and 78”x 80”x18” for fitted sheets and they can be used in any king sized bed, even adjustable beds.

Bamboo bed sheets in today’s world are becoming households’ and hotels’ favorite as they are very soft, long-lasting and hypoallergenic thus no skin irritation. Bamboo fiber used to make these luxurious bamboo sheets is obtained from the pulp of bamboo plants and though some companies bleach the bamboo fiber to attain the fiber’s white color, we offer non-bleached, organic bamboo fiber for our sheets.

Bamboo sheets can be plain weave, sateen weave or twill weave. The sateen weave produces smooth sheets with a high thread count that comes with quite a thick texture. However, for the twill weave, the sheets are stronger and very soft with fibers exposed on the sheets’ surface. We stock both sateen and twill weave sheets because the twill weave sheets are very popular and the sateen weave sheets are thrice as soft compared to the twill weave sheets making them very soft on one’s skin and a dear to many.

Something to note, you must be prudent when washing these sheets in order to retain their high-quality fiber characteristics. When washing bamboo sheets, use cold water as this avoids deterioration of the sheets’ fiber as compared to hot water washing. Hot water washing is only recommended when washing new king size sheets that are not pre-shrunk by the manufacturer. Their first hot water wash shrinks the sheets to their suitable size.
Drying the sheets under the sun should be your preferred choice. If not possible, you can use your clothes dryer set at gentle drying. The sheets do not require any fabric softener thus try not to mix the sheets with rough materials when washing.

Merits of using our king size bamboo bedding include;

• Bamboo bed sheets, unlike other material sheets, are breathable with moisture wicking properties which help keep you warm during the cold winter nights and cool during the hot summer nights. Let’s not forget the fact that it is unbelievably soft when compared to other regular bed sheet types. This is why you are always advised to take advantage of its softness. This porous nature of its inner fiber is what has made this possible.

• Making use of bamboo sheets is the surest way of ensuring that industry standards are completely observed in the production of bed sheets. This is the safest bed sheet type you can ever think of because it is void of the usual chemicals that make up the most bed sheets. Your safety is really ensured to a large extent with this bed sheet type. Some of these chemical substances can be very dangerous to the human health.

• The sight of stains on your white bed sheets is not aesthetically pleasing. Ordinarily, any sane person would want to get rid of their stains as soon as possible. Fortunately for you, the bamboo sheets’ unique feature allows them to fight off stains and bacteria. This makes it not just a fantastic choice but also a healthy one.

• Bamboo sheets never lose their silky soft nature. Bamboo fabric sheets can undergo numerous washing and drying but they still will remain soft and retain the comfort that you love. Hence, even if you use them for a very long time they still retain their soft and silky nature, as long as you are careful regarding how it is being used.

• Green is the way to go and our bamboo wood sources are not completely cut down but are thinned and pruned thus allowing the bamboo plant to regrow quickly. Bamboo sheets are also biodegradable thus your eco-conscience will not drown in guilt.

• Have you ever had to deal with more heat than you can manage simply because there is too much ultraviolet rays to deal with at a given time? This is certainly one good reason why the bamboo bed sheets are preferable. They help to ward off ultraviolet rays from getting to you. The bamboo bed sheet is one of the few bed sheets that are associated with this property.

• You cannot mention all the benefits of the king size bamboo sheets and not talk of how you can maintain it from time. If you have a very beautiful product and the cost of maintenance is a little on the high side then there is no need for you to have such a product in the first place. This is one feature that makes the bamboo bed sheet to stand out. It is very easy to maintain. As a matter of fact, it is going to cost you almost nothing to have it cleaned.

A beautiful bed must be accompanied by beautiful, crispy cool sheets. King size bamboo sheets may be expensive but are worth every cent you spend on them as they will have you experience the true definition of a good night sleep. If what you want is nothing but absolute relaxation then this is your best bet.

100% bamboo bed sheets

You deserve a restful comfortable night of sleep. Sleepless nights are the most difficult part of one’s life and a good night’s sleep should be a basic requirement, not a luxury.When you have a cozy night of sleep you can start your following day full of energy. To help ensure and make that a reality, as opposed to a luxury, bedding sets play an important role. Andrewsbedding.com offers our signature Luxurious Organic 100% Bamboo Premium Viscose bed sheets with 300 Thread Count. It is all in the name Andrews’ when you look for that luxurious feeling at an affordable price. These Premium Bamboo bedding sets are made of long staple yarns that are so fine that you can literally feel the silky soft feeling wrapped around your body. Furthermore, they will not only spoil you but more than likely you will not want to get out of bed because of their comfort they provide. Bamboo is known for being friendlier to the environment than cotton. Our bamboo sheets can absorb as much as 50% more moisture than Egyptian or Chinese substitute Egyptian cotton bed sheets which are located in almost every bedding store. Bamboo sheets are softer than Silk, Cotton, and Cashmere fabrics.

You will find all your required features of beddings in Andrew’s Organic 100% Bamboo Premium sheets and much more. These beddings are super soft which gives you that relaxed feeling during all your bedtimes. Our Signature Long Staple Yarn helps accompany the thermal Regulating properties which give you that cool feeling in the summer and warm feeling in winter. You may wash by hand or if preferred throw them in the washing machine for a quick wash. Some highlights are the following: Hypoallergenic feature makes it great for Sensitive Skin; Unfriendly to dust mites; microbes; bacteria; fungus; and mold which give a hygienic environment. These bedding sets give your skin a cool, dry, relaxed and soft touch.

Andrew’s Organic 100% Bamboo Premium viscose sheets are cautiously chosen and acquired from only the finest selected bamboo that is refined and manufactured only for Andrews’. Main quality indicators of any bedding are Fiber quality, Yarn size, Finishing and Thread count. As these beddings are made from Organic 100% Bamboo their fiber quality is most likely the softest bamboo sheets in the world. Yes even softer than Egyptian cotton.Yarn size refers to the size of yarn, the finer the yarn used, the higher yarn size. Our finishing is impeccable as our bedding sets are nicely stitched with double stitched edge lines. They give close fit up to 20” depth to your bed as Andrew’s bamboo sheets are made with elastic all around. Lastly, the main quality indicator is our high thread count and these beddings have deep pockets with 300 thread count per square inch. Do not confuse our thread count with those other Egyptian cotton sheets that are 1000, 1500, 1800 etc. These Bamboo sheets are softer and silkier once you give them a try it will be difficult for you to ever buy anything else but the best. At Andrewsbedding.com we offer the best for the best at an affordable price.