Fermentation bedding for chickens

coop bedding

Beginner poultry farmers, we will talk about the pros and cons, the nuances of using bedding material, which at times simplifies the life of chicken breeders. Use in the country or in the garden, in a personal household, in the village and countryside.

Due to the ecological purity of BP, they do not harm the health of biological objects;
there is no need for personal protective equipment (respirator, gloves). It is noteworthy that this also applies to the powder composition;
bacterial activity and enzymatic processes have a positive effect on microclimate parameters, including temperature conditions. Therefore, in winter, the costs associated with heating the house are reduced. Moreover, BP absorb harmful gases, such as NH3;

BP reduce the risk of infections, relieve the chicken coop from the smell of waste products (partially naturally); work for a long time. According to some manufacturers, for several years; due to the optimization of the microclimate, they improve the indicators of meat and egg productivity; Any place is suitable for storing PSUs, since they are not a source of unpleasant odor.

Deep bacterial best bedding for chickens is devoid of significant disadvantages, however, it is an expensive pleasure. Also, the practice of experienced poultry farmers shows that the fermentation litter for chickens lose their effects after 2-3 months of use. Of course, this is not the right launch and departure!