Keep Your Chickens Happy With Homemade Treats

Spoiling one’s pet is something every pet owner usually enjoys, the excitement experienced on them running towards you when they see you holding a food container is awesome. But giving them the wrong kind of food that is not helpful in any way to them is completely wrong is especially when issued in excess it is completely harmful to their health as it will end up causing stunt growth or the worst is shortening their lifespan and cause huge effects on their production.

Usually, the kind of foods we tend to require to help boost our health and fully maximize is what we should always consider giving our chicken. This includes whole grain, low fat, sugar, and salt, high protein foods as well as fruits and vegetable.

chicken feeder

Dry Healthy snacks

This includes:

  • Pumpkins

yes I mean pumpkin because they are full in antioxidants and minerals as well as vitamin A, C and E. also they contain dietary fiber as well as protein in their seeds. A good seasoning will definitely give your chicken a very nice snack.

  • Meal-worms

This are very good source of protein to the chicken and this one can farm quite easily at your local farm or even purchase if you can’t acquire at home

  • Homemade suets cakes

can also be given to your chicken yes they are sold in the feed stores but one can create your own which will be better as its fresh and completely nutritious for the chicken.

  • Eggshells

One can grind the shells to make a completely fine powder and add to either sunflower seed or peas from the farm to make a unique treat for the chicken. The egg shells add calcium to the whole meal.

Wet treats for the chicken

There is a variety of wet treats that one can give the chicken and they surely love it fully. This wet treat includes

  • Cooked eggs

Ensure that you boiled your eggs to cook them and start chopping the cooked eggs into small portions or you can as well scrambled but do not add up any milk as chicken do not eat dairy products as they cant process and avoid giving the chicken raw eggs as this will encourage egg eating.

  • Fish

This is actually a very nice treat and chicken love a lot, use fresh sardines and mash them do not live the bones as the sardines bones are usually very soft and feed your chicken.

  • Chicken fruit smoothie

Usually, this smoothie is very tasty when given frozen on a very hot day. Mix a combination of fruits that your chicken love watermelon, combined with any other fruit either a banana and mango and mix it with water to make a sweat smoothie and give your lovely chicken during the scotching sun.

  • Left overs

When you are done with eating and collect your left over s and give it to your lovely chicken. Any fresh vegetables, as well as fruits that is healthy for your family, is also very important and healthy for your chickens too.

  • Chicken soups

Make a very nice and fresh soup for your chicken as this will make them feel warm and cared about mostly during the cold season.

  • Cucumber tetherball

Make a cucumber tetherball instead of just throwing a cucumber to the chicken make it fun for them too to enjoy.

There are a variety of treats that one can give the chicken but usually depends on how you prepare and how your chicken loves, this is so because that is how you have been giving them and are now used to. The homemade treat for chicken varies from one farmer to another.

Avoid high protein concentrated treats

Ensure every time you prepare a treat for your lovely chicken, the food that they will eat is completely healthy for them. Giving them too much protein concentrated foods may end up causing chronic liver and kidney problems so be extremely careful with what you give your chicken as a treat. The protein concentrated is important to your lovely chicken only when there is a certain specific need and even if there occurs a need do not exceed the weekly portion of not more than three times.

by Miriam Rolling – poultry farmer